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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Emergency Survival-Wilderness Survival | Knife Throwing

Emergency Survival - Wilderness Survival - Knife Throwing
Bailey Zeil Throwing Knife, Stainless Steel, Leather Pouch Knife throwing is a great skill and not that hard to acquire. Your first target should be a full sheet of plywood or styrofoam 4ft. x 8ft. Not because your a bad shot but because if you miss the target it's really easy to loose a throwing knife in grass or dirt. A 4x8 sheet is easy to stand against a tree or wall and if it is on grass or dirt, put something on the ground in front of your target that will help you find your knife if you miss and your knife doesn't stick. Draw smaller targets on your target board or use cutouts and staple them to the board. I draw a small target at ground level and a larger target at chest level.How to throw knife; Before you start get the feel of your throwing knife by handling it. First finding the balance point of your knife, with the index finger of your throwing hand. Point your finger straight ahead and lay your Throwing knife across it, find the point where the knife balances across your finger (the balance point). There are two ways to hold your throwing knife for knife throwing, by the handle or by the blade. You won't need a target board to get started but you should use a throwing knife made for throwing as most other knives will break after a short time. Find a place with soft dirt or short grass to test your throw, sand isn't as good but will do. To throw a knife by the handle, first open your hand, with your palm facing you, thumb up, put the handle of your knife across your fingers with the blade pointing up and grip it lightly. Adjust it so that your thumb is centered pointing with the blade on the flat side of the throwing knife and the first joint of your index finger is opposite your thumb at the balance point of your throwing knife. At this point the butt or end of the handle should be pointing to or at the heal of your palm. Adjust your throwing knife for a comfortable feel and you are ready to throw. Now look down at your feet, you don't want to hit them. Pick an exact spot on the ground about two or three ft. in front of you, where you will stick your knife. Point your throwing knife at your exact spot, raise your hand to your shoulder, and back down pointing again to your exact spot. Now you have your swing, practice it without releasing the knife a few times, imagine your release, imagine it sticking. When you are ready to stick your knife don't worry about standing upright, bend over if you need to and stick your knife in the ground. Practice until you never miss and move on to throwing by the blade. Open your hand, palm facing you, balance your throwing knife across the first joint of your index finger with the blade toward you. Clamp loosely with your thumb and index finger, the tips of your middle finger and ring finger should be resting under the blade and your thumb should be pointed with the handle. Adjust for a comfortable feel. The difference in throwing by the blade is that your throwing knife has to flip for the point to stick. So pick an exact spot a little further in front of you where you will stick your knife. Point your knife at your exact spot, raise your hand to your shoulder, and back down pointing again to your exact spot. Now you have your swing, practice it without releasing the knife a few times, imagine your release, imagine your knife flipping once and sticking. When you release your knife watch it closely. Did it flip once? Did the point stick? Did it hit the ground on it's side, or on the handle? The easiest way to adjust your throw is with distance, moving forward or back from the exact spot that you want your throwing knife to stick. Practice is fun and you will acquire a skill throwing knives, that will impress many others.Bailey Zeil Throwing Knife, Stainless Steel, Leather Pouch Keep in touch I would love to hear from you here at the Emergency Survival - Wilderness Survival Blog. Leave a comment here about Knife Throwing. Thanks

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