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Monday, August 1, 2016

Emergency Survival - Wilderness Survival | Backpacking Tent Camping

Emergency Survival - Wilderness Survival - Preparedness and Backpacking Tent Camping are closely related, as far as equipment and supplies needed are concerned. Emergency preparedness means being prepared for any imaginable emergency survival situation. The elements of survival are.
Shelter includes anything that will protect you from the elements, clothes, sheet, blanket, sleeping bag, tent, vehicle, house, cave, tree, bush, etc. you get the picture.
Fire includes anything that, you guessed it, will make or help in making a fire. Lighter, matches, fuel, tinder, candle, etc. Include electricity, batteries, stove, in your list related to fire.
Water, include source, storage, collection, container, purification.
Stored food, hunt, gather.
I'll ad more to these categories in later posts on the Emergency Survival - Wilderness survival blog. Preparing for an emergency and preparing for, backpacking tent camping are very similar. The same elements and gear for survival are necessary, shelter, fire, water, food. Prepare now, emergency's don't let you know when they are going to happen.  Use a backpack or 5 gallon buckets  <(links to Amazon) and pack everything you'll need. In your backpack pack things you will need on a daily basis, a backpack with many pockets is great. Be sure to use plastic bags, plastic jars or other waterproof containers for items, food or medicines, that you don't want to get wet. Plastic or metal 5 gallon buckets are good for things you won't need as often. Buckets can also be used as seats or for collecting water and are easy to carry. I have a packed backpack and two buckets ready for an emergency at any time. My plastic bucket carries water and food and I have a metal bucket I call my emergency kitchen. It carries a single burner propane camp stove, propane, three tin cups, a lighter, some tinder and a knife. The spaces in between are stuffed with tea bags, a baggie full of sugar, a baggie full of coffee, instant oatmeal packets, instant cocoa and dried soup mix.  Of course you won't be carrying your buckets around with you but you can have them stored in a place you can hopefully get to in an emergency survival situation.
 There are things that you can have with you at all times, in your pocket or purse. In the shelter category a space blanket, almost any store that has camping equipment sells them. In the fire category a cigarette lighter, a small flashlight AA or AAA with extra batteries. For water a container, even as simple as a baggie, it will hold water. Keeping a bottle of water in a close vicinity is a good idea. And finally for food a couple of snacks like protein bars, chips or candy.
 Wilderness Survival Camping and learning survival skills should never be lost to society. Survival is to often taken for granted in modern times. A lot of people buy survival kits and read emergency preparedness guides but there is nothing better than wilderness survival - backpacking tent camping to hone your skills. Emergency preparedness also should include some first hand experience. If you have never tested yourself in a survival situation wilderness Survival Camping is a great way to learn survival skills. Survival camping gives you a chance to control your situation and find your limits. Start simple in nice weather with just the clothes on your back. In an emergency survival situation you might not even have that option. Even if you just start out in your own yard test your outdoor survival skills. How long will you survive? There will be a later post at Emergency Survival - Wilderness Survival Blog that will include a preparedness checklist. Your questions, insights, or experience's can save lives.  Please make comments on emergency preparedness Emergency Survival - Wilderness Survival - Backpacking Tent Camping  please post, like and share thanks.

Prepare and Think to Survive

This list of elements for survival is short and simple, proper gear and mindset. You will need shelter, fire, water, food and the will to survive

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